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Civil Service Pensions (NI)

Take time to think about your retirement. Think about the type of lifestyle and pension you want when you retire. There is lots of information on this site to help you, if you require further details concerning your pension benefits please contact us.

Please note that this site is currently under construction and some links may not be available until a later date.


For information on the existing arrangements of CSP(NI)

  • classic
  • classic plus
  • premium
  • nuvos
  • partnership

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The new pension scheme - alpha will be introduced on 1 April 2015. The majority of current members in classic,classic plus,premium and nuvos, and most new members from April 2015,will join the new scheme.

Alternatively, New Entrants can opt for the partnership pension account.

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Civil Service Compensation Scheme (Northern Ireland)       [CSCS(NI)]

The CSCS(NI) sets out the level of compensation that Departments can pay staff if they leave on voluntary or compulsory redundancy terms.