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New Entrant & Rejoiners Questionnaires

For the use of Personnel Departments/ Recruitment Service/ SSC.

In conjunction with Cabinet Office, Civil Service Pensions is making the New Entrant Pensions Questionnaire (NEPQ) form & Rejoiners Questionnaire (RJQ) spreadsheet available to the NICS Departments and Shared Service Centre (SSC) through our website.

The NEPQ form (revised PDF version) can be downloaded to send out to potential candidates. Personnel Departments/ Recruitment Service/ SSC must fill in the BLUE box at the beginning of the form before issuing to potential candidates.

The RJQ spreadsheet should be used upon receipt of a completed New Entrant Pensions Questionnaire form, when completed the questionnaire will inform you of the options available and the New Entrant text to use on letters of appointment.

To access the questionnaires please follow the links below;

The spreadsheet is in MS Excel, if you do not have MS Excel you can download a MS Excel viewer from here: Download Viewer

If you have any problems accessing the questionnaires please contact Civil Service Pensions on 028 7131 9279.