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Welcome to the Northern Ireland Guide to Expenditure Appraisal and Evaluation (NIGEAE)

These pages contain DFP’s current guidance on the appraisal, evaluation, approval and management of policies, programmes and projects. They are maintained by DFP’s Strategic Policy Division (SPD).

The broad purpose of NIGEAE is explained in the Introduction and key changes are explained in a letter to Finance Directors FD(DFP)20/09

Economic Appraisal Step by Step Appraisal Guidance

The principles of Economic Appraisal must be applied with proportionate effort to all proposals that involve spending or saving public money, or changes in the use of public resources.


Detailed guidance on each appraisal step is provided.


Evaluation guidance

Ex post evaluation is integral to the process of completing a policy, programme or project. Every proposal of any substance should indicate how it will be evaluated.


Summary of the Basic Steps of Appraisal

Miscellaneous Issues

A quick overview of what is involved at each step of appraisal.