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Gateway Review Process - Detail


The purpose of a Gateway Review is to help increase the chances of successful delivery for Programmes & Projects. It is not an audit (ie made with 20/20 hindsight) but is a real-time assessment of the potential for Programme/Project success. It allows the Programme/Project to change course or address issues that have the potential to undermine the objectives or affect the projected benefits. It can also provide evidence to stop Projects that are severely off course or badly misaligned with business objectives. Gateway Reviews provide important assurance to SROs and departmental accounting officers that rigorous independent assessment of public sector investment is taking place.


The NI Gateway Review process is based on the OGC process and is managed by Central Procurement Directorate's (CPD) Centre of Expertise (CPD/CoE) for PPM. The CPD/CoE is now an OGC Gateway Authorised Hub status (ie independent of, but licensed and regulated by OGC). As an Authorised Hub, NI reviews will continue to be endorsed by OGC and aligned with its approach to Gateway. Gateway style Healthchecks may also be carried out. Healthchecks are supplementary to formal Gateway Reviews. They provide additional assurance to SROs. Health-checks should be organised through the NI Departmental Assurance Coordinator , consultancy charges will apply are also possible and although outside the formal review process, a Healthcheck can provide assurance to an SRO whose Project is in between key stages or that may have come into the Gateway Review process later on.

Roles & Responsibilities

The main roles and responsibilities associated with the Gateway Reviews are illustrated below.

Role Responsibility
Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) Programme/Project SRO is responsible for initiating the Gateway Review process, making contact with the NI Departmental Assurance Coordinator & submitting a completed RPA. Also responsible for overseeing the provision of all relevant documentation to the review team
NI Departmental Assurance Co-ordinator Part of the CoE for PPM, responsible for NI Gateway Review process i.e. administering & arranging Gateway Reviews, managing the pool of NI team leaders & reviewers. Early engagement with the NI Departmental Assurance Coordinator is essential
Gateway Review Team Independent team (usually team leader plus two people), responsible for carrying out Gateway Reviews