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Technical Booklets

Technical Booklets

DFP publish Technical Booklets for guidance in support of the Building Regulations.There is no obligation to follow the methods or comply with the standards set out in the technical booklets. You may adopt any form of construction you wish, however you will have to demonstrate to the satisfaction of district councils that the requirements of the building regulations have been met.

They allow the Department to set certain standards of performance and to provide a degree of predictability and certainty as to what methods and standards of building which, if followed, will satisfy the requirements of building regulations.

These booklets are specifically written for the use of individuals who have a sound knowledge of modern building techniques, terminology and practices.

Technical booklets are available to purchase from The Stationery Office, or can be viewed below:

The current versions of the Technical Booklets are listed below, please click on link to view.

Amendments to Technical Booklets - 2014 (PDF492kb)

Technical Booklet B (Materials and workmanship) July 2013 (PDF96kb)

Technical Booklet C (Site preparation and resistance to moisture).October 2012 (PDF312kb)

Technical Booklet D (Structure) October 2012 (PDF788kb)

Technical Booklet E (Fire Safety) October 2012 (PDF888kb)

Technical Booklet F1 (Conservation of fuel and power in dwellings) October 2012 (PDF264kb)

Technical Booklet F2 (Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellings) October 2012 (PDF324kb)

Technical Booklet G (Resistance to the passage of sound) October 2012 (PDF1.55mb)

Technical Booklet H (Stairs, ramps, guarding and protection from impact) October 2012.(PDF248kb)

Technical Booklet J (Solid waste in Buildings) October 2012 (PDF60kb)

Techncial Booklet K (Ventilation) October 2012 (PDF408kb)

Technical Booklet L (Combustion appliances and fuel storage) October 2012 (PDF522kb)

Technical Booklet N (Drainage) October 2012 (PDF292kb)

Technical Booklet P (Sanitary appliances, unvented hotwater storage systems and reducing the risk of scalding) October 2012 (PDF116kb)

Techncial Booklet R (Access to and use of buildings) October 2012(PDF488kb)

Technical Booklet V (Glazing) October 2012 (PDF116kb)