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DFP provides information on the Budget, European funding, economic appraisal guidance, Ulster Savings Certificates, Ulster Development Bonds, the National Fraud Initiative, Account NI, accounting and accountability, Information relevant to Public Service Pension Schemes in NI and more.


The 2008-11 Budget sets out in detail the spending plans for the Northern Ireland Departments over these three financial years, which were agreed by the Executive in January 2008 to deliver the priorities and actions in the 2008-11 Programme for Government and the 2008-2018 Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Information on DFP's own finances can be found by accessing the DFP Publiction Scheme.


AFMD provides guidance in relation to public sector corporate governance, financial reporting (including WGA), treasury management and the public audit process.

Information on these areas can be found at -

Account NI

Guidance for suppliers on the new NICS invoicing arrangements

Economic Appraisal Guidance

These pages contain DFP’s current guidance on the appraisal, evaluation, approval and management of policies, programmes and projects. As well as step-by-step appraisal guidance the website also contains a number of other useful resources for those involved in economic appraisal.

European Funding

To ensure and enable EU Structural Funds expenditure and the services they finance are planned, managed and controlled in an effective and efficient manner and which provide value for money.

National Fraud Initiative

Information on how DFP protects the public funds it administers.

Public Spending Directorate

Guidance in relation to the Public Expenditure process.

Public Expenditure Terminology

This glossary includes brief definitions of many of the terms and acronyms that are commonly used in finance and Public Expenditure.

Public Service Pensions, Policy and Legislation

Information relevant to Public Service Pension Schemes in Northern Ireland, access link below for more information:

Ulster Savings Certificates

Information on the repayment of Ulster Savings Certificates and the background of the operation of Ulster Savings.

Ulster Development Bonds

Information on the repayment of Ulster Development Bonds.