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Land and property

Land & Property Services is responsible for mapping, land registration, valuation and rating in Northern Ireland.

Property rating


Information on the domestic rating assessment system. You can find out how your rates are calculated, how to pay and what help is available to you.


Information on the non-domestic rating assessment system and the delivery of a non-domestic revaluation for 2010.

Rating Review

DFP provides advice on the policy for the local revenue system following the Review of Rating. It develops, appraises and evaluates new policy issues and strikes, annually, the Regional Rates as decided by Ministers as part of the annual Budget process.

Property valuation

Information on property valuation, estate management and property data services to the public sector.

Land registration

Recording legal interests in land and providing a registration service and accurate register of land ownership, maps and information in Northern Ireland. Land information service for conveyancing purposes

Geographic information

Collecting and managing spatial data in Northern Ireland for use throughout public and private sectors. Information on ordnance survey and mapping.