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Working in the Northern Ireland Civil Service

The Department of Finance and Personnel provides information on NICS recruitment, NICS pay, the review of the Location of Public Sector Jobs and more.

NICS Voluntary Exit Scheme

An NICS-wide Voluntary Exit Scheme will be launched on 2 March 2015. The Scheme will be open for applications from 2 March - 27 March 2015


Occupational Health Service provides a wide range of professional occupational health and medical advisory services to NICS/NIO Departments and Agencies.

Welfare Support Service

As employee welfare frequently requires detailed, indeed specialist, knowledge, an NICS welfare support service is in place.


Information on the main provisions of the Principal Civil Service Pensions Scheme (Northern Ireland) [PCSPS(NI)] and its associated schemes.

NICS Recruitment

Information on employment opportunities within the Civil Service.

Human Resources Policy (Staff Handbook)

Ensure that corporate NICS human resources policies and services are in place to support Departments and Agencies in achieving their business objectives. Manages the relationship with trade union representatives at NICS level within the framework of the Central Whitley Council industrial relations arrangements; facilitating and supporting the Civil Service Appeal Board, an independent body which civil servants can appeal on dismissal.

Civil Service Pay

DFP negotiates pay arrangements for staff below the Senior Civil Service (DFP determines the pay arrangements for all non-industrial and industrial staff in the NICS).

Enterprise Shared Services

Enterprise Shared Services (ESS) is a directorate within DFP which provides a range of common IT, finance, HR and training services to all NICS staff.  To learn more about ESS visit the ESS section.

ESS has a number of internet sites for HR and finance shared services. For more information on these please visit the websites below:

Equal Opportunities - Information for Candidates

This section contains the NICS Equal Opportunities Policy statement.  It also explains the process of Equal Opportunities monitoring.  The Equal Opportunity Monitoring Form is regarded as part of your application and failure to complete and return it will result in disqualification.

Review of Public Administration

DFP is developing HR principles and policies that will apply to public sector staff transferring to new organisations as part of the Review of Public Administration.

Review of the Location of Public Sector Jobs

An independent review on the location of public sector jobs has been carried out by Sir George Bain, and its findings are available on the DFP website.