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Property Rating

Land & Property Services (LPS) is responsible for the billing and collection of rates in Northern Ireland. It also administers the various rate-related reliefs, benefits and allowances.

For more information, please click on the relevant heading below:

Domestic rating

Get information on domestic rates. This information is provided on the NI Direct website

Non-domestic rating

Get more information on non-domestic or business rates. This information, including how your bill is calculated, how to pay, help available and rates for rental properties is provided on the NI Business Info website

Public sector organisations

Find out arrangements for public sector organisations to pay their rates

Housing associations

Find out arrangements for housing associations to pay their rates

Rates calculator

Use the rates calculator to find your exact annual rate bill

Rate poundages 2015 - 2016

Find out the rate poundage for your area

In advance of contacting us, please read important information about your rate bill below:

  • you have a legal and civic responsibility to pay your rate bill
  • the money that you pay in rates contributes to the funding of public services
  • public services include council amenities such as recreational facilities, bin collection and tourism
  • it also pays for regional services such as roads, education and healthcare
  • LPS rigorously pursues the recovery of rates. If you do not pay your rates we will take you to court. This will mean:
    1. you will have to pay additional costs
    2. your credit rating may be affected
    3. this can result in not being able to apply for credit or in some cases being made bankrupt