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Web Support

We have produced a series of downloads relating to the 2012- 13 rates billing period. These include graphics and information sheets that can be used to complement your web pages.

You can download and use the following graphics:

Rate Bill 2012


Example of the front of the rate bill (pdf)

Example of the back of the rate bill (pdf)

Example of the front of the Direct Debit Bill (pdf)

Example of the back of the Direct Debit bill (pdf)

Rate bill Quick Pay Card (pdf)

Rate bill quick pay card (jpeg)

Your rate bill explained (pdf)

Your rate bill explained - direct debit (pdf)

Rate Guide 2012-13


A Guide to Rates 2012 -13 (pdf)

A Guide to Rates graphic

Discount Date


Discount Date advert (pdf)

Discount Date graphic

Rating Reforms


Rating factsheets icon

We recommend that instead of using the downloads for your website that you insert the link to using the icon above. This way the information will remain up to date.

Small Business Rate Relief factsheet

Small Post Offices Rate Relief factsheet

Large Retail Levy factsheet

Empty Premises Relief factsheet

Empty Premises Relief application form