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Valuing alterations to existing properties

If you alter your property, you must let Land & Property Services (LPS) know, as this can affect your rate bill.

What type of alterations affect my rate bill?

The most common alterations to properties include:

  • extending a property
  • sub-dividing a property
  • building a garage or outbuilding
  • demolishing part of a property

Changes to the Net Annual Value (NAV) of non-domestic or business properties, which are assessed  and valued on their rental value, take effect from the date that the works were completed.

You can find your NAV on your rate bill or you can use the link below to check the NAV of any non-domestic property in Northern Ireland. You can also use this link to make an online submission to have your valuation reviewed if your property has been altered or renovated or if you feel that your rate bill is not correct .

To use the online submission, you should input your property details on the first page and click on the search button. This will then bring up the address, size, valuation etc. When you are satisfied that this is the correct property, you can then click on the submit query button and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages:

You can also complete and return the valuation application form. This is a writeable document, which means that you can complete on screen, print and send to LPS. Alternatively, you can save the document to your desktop, complete the form and send to your nearest LPS valuation office:

If you have any queries about having your property valued, please ring LPS or contact your local LPS valuation office. Contact details can be found below: