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Procurement is the full range of activities related to purchasing goods, works and services, starting from the identification of a requirement to the disposal of that requirement at the end of its life.  It therefore includes pre-contract activities such as market sounding, sourcing and post contract activities such as contract management and supplier relationship management activities.  Procurement generally relates to goods, works and services requirements.

Public Procurement is regulated by Procurement Regulations, European Treaty principles and public policy.  All public procurement must be carried out in accordance with 12 Guiding Principles. Managing Public Money NI, sets out the central importance of delivering value for money stating that goods and services should be acquired through competition unless there are convincing reasons to the contrary. Subject to the purchaser’s legal obligation, for example under EC rules, the form of competition chosen should be appropriate to the value and complexity of the goods, works or services to be acquired. EU thresholds and Procurement Control Limits for below threshold procurement are available on the CPD website.

When defining a programme or project approach there may be a requirement to complete some form of Procurement activity.  This should be undertaken with due regard to procurement policy and guidance and advertising timescales.

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