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Review of Domestic Rating - Consultation Report

An Executive Review of the new capital value rating system, introduced by direct rule Ministers in April 2007, was commissioned in May 2007.

The Executive agreed that further policy changes should be made, subject to consultation and impact assessment.

Policy papers were published for 12 weeks consultation on the issues of:

·the rating of empty homes,

·reduced maximum capital value,

·pensioner deferment,

·green rebates, and

·data sharing.

Integrated impact assessments were also undertaken where practicable, with a privacy impact assessment prepared on data sharing. In addition, targeted consultation has been undertaken as part of the evaluation of the relief scheme for those in full time education, etc.

Views have also been sought from the Assembly's Finance and Personnel Committee on the full range of issues.

The consultation report on the review of domestic rating summarises the consultation responses and outlines the decisions of the Finance Minister, Nigel Dodds, on the detail of the various measures. The next steps in the reform process are also highlighted within the document.

Copies of the consultation report may be made available, on request, in alternative languages and formats.